Direction Goals’ Precision Water Jet Cutting applies a High Pressure/ Low Volume Water Jet from a special designed transporter, featuring a Pan & Tilt nozzle and CCTV camera module (Optional), to remove deposits settled and solid obstructions from within 6″ – 36″ (150-900mm) pipes and service lateral connections.

Up to 32,000 psi Precision water jet cutting removes:

Grease films, debris, tree roots, hardened fat, solidified grease, cement, scale, tuberculation, corrosion, years of mineral deposits and calcium build- up, grout and over- poured concrete for the elimination of obstructions and to prepare pipes or a number of different surfaces for rehabilitation.

With eyes on the job, continuous adjustment of pressure, angle of attack and distance to material enable the operator to achieve the breakdown and elimination of various obstructions without adding damage to the surface or pipe structure.

Precision water jet cutting is ;


Precision Water Jet Cutting Modules:

The available modules for precision water jet
cutting are:

WJ125 for 6″ – 15″ (150-375mm)
WJ160 for 8″ – 15″ (200-375mm)
WJ180 for 8″ – 20″ (200-500mm)
WJ190 for 10″ – 36″ (250-900mm)


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