Direction Goals is proud to be working in the field of Supplies / Transporting for the last 6 years. The foundation is a group of professional’s, dedicated and highly qualified personnel to carry out the transactions with high accuracy and speed as well as the trucks that we have are in equiped to meet our customer’s unique
requirements. The foundation also strives to maintain its leading position amongst the other service providers by rapidly developing the services using the best contrived methods to provide the best services to our valuable customers. The foundation also actively studies all the aspects of the market to meet the needs of customers.

Our Organization is keen on attending to customer requirements at the point of clearance redeem customer transactions at ports, undertaking accurate and timely actions to complete the transactions. Our team is a group of quailed & experienced customs clearing agents, who are determined to complete all
required documentation processes with accelerated speed and
well-thoughtout action plan.

Our available resources are:
1. Flat Bed Trailer
2. Low Bed Trailer
3 Low Bed Trailer
4. Extendable Flatbed
5. Side Curtain Trailer
6. Boom trucks
7 Flat Bed (Dayna)

All trucks are monitored by a tracking system for vehicles via satellite for observation and implementation of track plan carefully, enabling shipments to reach customers in a timely manner.


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