Logistic Service

Logistic Service

Logistic Service

the foundation is a group of professional’s, dedicated and highly qualified peoples carry out transactions with high accuracy and speed as well as trucks that help them to meet customer’s needs.

The foundation also strives to maintain its position within the market. Work on the rapid development using the best methods that have been developed in order to provide the best services.

The foundation is also keen to study all the aspects of the market to meet the needs of customers. We also believe that the experience and the planning


Our Goals

The level of our services sophistication in line with the aspiration and need our customers and help them to increase their output to be the first choice and optimised for all customers.

Our vision

Become the best inundation in the provision of custom clearance and transportation

Our mission

We work to provide the best services to our clients with our professional’s staffs to make it possible from impossible


Custom clearance

Enterprise has a group of carriers that help them to meet the needs and desires of customers of trucks weighing 25 tons and The length of Flatbed of 12 meters and up to 24 meters in addition to cargo vans of 7 tons of cargo and below .and that all truck tied to a tracking system for vehicles via satellite for monitoring and implementation of track plan carefully and shipments reach customers in a timely manner.



Next to the Transport organization is keen on providing customer requirements where it was created Clearance Once to redeem customer transactions of ports, including that this activity needs a high accuracy in a timely and complete the transaction institution was keen to choose a group of quailed sat_ with extensive experience in the _led of customs clearance, which is based on the acceleration the completion of all transactions as soon as possible carefully